US Emergency Aid For Venezuela Arrives At Colombian Border

He added that his government had paid for the Russian aid shipment, along with aid from China and Turkey.

Now the dueling music events are deeply entwined in the larger battle over who has the authority to help ordinary Venezuelans deal with life-threatening shortages of food and medicine.

The goal of Mr. Branson’s event, Venezuela Aid Live, is to raise $100 million online for humanitarian aid and to “bring global attention to this unacceptable and preventable crisis,” as the event’s website says.

“Venezuela sadly has not become the utopia that the current administration of Venezuela or the past administration were hoping for, and that has resulted in a lot of people literally dying from lack of medical help,” Mr. Branson told The Associated Press on Monday, referring to an earlier government led by Mr. Maduro’s mentor and predecessor, Hugo Chávez. “I think it will draw attention to the problem on a global basis.”

The A.P. reported that the lineup for Venezuela Live Aid, to be held on the blocked Tienditas International Bridge on the outskirts of Cúcuta, included the Mexican band Maná and the Dominican songwriter Juan Luis Guerra, along with the French-Spanish producer Manu Chao and the Spanish songwriter Alejandro Sanz. It quoted Mr. Branson as saying that all participating artists would perform for free.

It was unclear as of early Tuesday who would perform at the Maduro government’s rival event on the Simón Bolívar Bridge, just outside Cúcuta. The information minister, Jorge Rodríguez, said on Monday that the Saturday and Sunday concerts would have the slogan “nothing for war, hands off Venezuela.”

Mr. Guaidó said on Monday that Mr. Maduro’s move to hold a rival event looked “desperate.”

Any international artists who accept Mr. Maduro’s invitation to perform may face harsh criticism.

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