Q&A With Paige Williams Shepherd: Chickasaw Country Travel Centers Celebrating National Travel And Tourism Week

It was really upsetting. When I heard about it, I just thought "Oh, no, oh, no." And then I also thought, "Of course." Because I actually wrote that story after right after Charlottesville. It actually kind of incubated for a few years. It started when my daughter, and this was after the Aurora massacre, she and her friends were talking about, if there was a shooting, would you hide under the seat, or would you run out? Which is better? And I remember thinking, "Oh, my God, this is horrifying." What is this kind of fear that's so prevalent that kids are talking about it in the carpool? So I started writing it that way, and then after Charlottesville, there was this article I read where there was a temple there with a guy that was armed standing outside of it, and they had to go out the back from their services on that Saturday, to avoid dealing with God knows what. So I thought, "This really needs to be set in a synagogue,” because I just felt afraid. People said, "This is a prescient story," but actually it just felt like my eyes were kind of opened, and that's the job of a writer, that you're supposed to be aware of what's going on. When I heard about the synagogue shooting, I just thought, "Oh, no." And I was just so mad that day. It was completely shocking, and also I thought that all of this leads back to the comment that Trump made that Mexicans were criminals. When he said that, and when he couldn't disavow the KKK, it was like, all of this is going to something really bad.

Source : https://www.latimes.com/books/la-et-jc-karen-bender-interview-20190219-story.html

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