Puerto Rico Betting On Medical Marijuana

Alzheimer’s patients in Puerto Rico may get cannabis-based treatment that would make them the first in the United States with access to a new cannabinoid medicine. The development could be a big step for Puerto Rican Alzheimer’s patients in particular and for medical marijuana more generally.

Hyalolex In Puerto Rico

According to a recent press release, medical marijuana dispensaries in Puerto Rico will start carrying a product called Hyalolex as soon as April. The product is a cannabinoid-based medicine aimed at helping patients cope with the side effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

Hyalolex is manufactured by cannabis pharmaceutical company IGC. The company’s new product will hit dispensaries in Puerto Rico as part of a larger deal between IGC and DaMa Pharmaceuticals.

Under the arrangement, DaMa will play a part in manufacturing Hyalolex in Puerto Rico. From there, the companies will market Hyalolex to the 30 or so dispensaries currently operating in Puerto Rico. The product will also be marketed directly to consumers.

Source : https://hightimes.com/news/alzheimers-patients-puerto-rico-cannabis-based-treatment/

Alzheimer’s Patients in Puerto Rico May Get Cannabis-Based Treatment
Puerto Rico betting on medical marijuana
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Puerto Rico Betting on Medical Marijuana to Help Ease Crisis
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